When Prism Indigo, the newest member of the magical Prism Warriors, finds the other members under the thrall of a mysterious force, she must embark on a dangerous mission to bring them back to their senses and find out who is responsible.

Prism Indigo is an 8-bit bullet hell shooter developed in the TIC-80 game engine. Blast your way through waves of deadly Shades, save your friends through superior firepower, and try to rack up the highest score possible.

This is only a one-level demo; the full game will be released in early 2022.


  • Arrows: Move
  • Z: Fire
  • X: Burst
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAltrix Studios
Made withTIC-80
Tags8-Bit, Anime, Bullet Hell, magical-girl, Pixel Art, TIC-80
Average sessionA few minutes


prismDemoLinux 3 MB
prismDemoMac 3 MB
prismDemoWin.exe 2 MB

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I liked it. Could benefit from some music, though. As for this pattern, I could just stand in this place forever and never get hit. It's just the first boss, so I don't know if it's intentionally easy or if you didn't mean to do that.

I intend to add music to the final game, though I'm not that great with TIC-80's music tracker so I may outsource it.

That pattern is indeed intentionally easy. The rest of the bosses will be harder, and you won't be able to beat them by just standing in one place like that.